Craving for…YOU.

You know, I have this constant craving for this particular snack ever since I came back from Hong Kong last year. And that’s, hawthorn candy, in chinese 冰糖葫芦. It is a popular snack in China that is made from sugar coated hawthorns skewered on a bamboo stick. I ate the original one before but I love the strawberry one, which I had it in HK! Furthermore, it’s FROZEN strawberries. The combination of sweetness and sourness is so damn nice! It’s perfect for the sizzling hot weather in Singapore, really. I don’t mind eating it everyday. I think frozen hawthorn/strawberry candy can sell better than ice-cream. Why nobody sell them in Singapore?! They should be sold like how ice-cream is sold at the roadside. I’m sure business will be so damn good.  




昏昏沉沉的天,细雨漫天,眼前的风景都蒙上了一层帘幕,叫人看得不真切。他走在她身后,想要把她的背影深深地刻进脑里。明天,她就要离开了。虽然他年级还小,但他懂得什么是 ‘ 难舍难分 ’。她是他的玩伴、知己。这一分开,不知哪年哪月才能相聚。


“背我,好吗?” 她突如其来的一句话把他的思绪拉了回来。她天真无邪的脸孔浮现谈谈的微笑,似乎在隐藏着某些情绪。


“傻瓜。” 他走到她面前,背对着她,蹲了下来。这举动让她的脸上露出一丝幸福的笑容。




“再见。” 他勉强自己逼出一丝诚挚的微笑。



佳慧 著


The Mortal Instruments Series

This series, written by Cassandra Clare has a total of five books, namely City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels and City of Lost Souls. The sixth book, City of Heavenly Fire will be released in May, 2014. I bought Book One: City of Bones. I couldn’t resist the temptation and finished it in 2 days. Right, I’m hooked onto this series.

Well, if you wanna indulge in some kind of fantasy novel; this is the one. It’s about Downworlders. They are hybrid creatures that include the Children of the Moon (Werewolves), the Children of the Night (Vampires), the Children of Lilith (Warlocks) and the Children of Lylic (the Fair Folk, or faeries).

City of Bones is mainly about shadow-hunters (practically mean, demon hunters) who embarked on the journey of fighting demons to retrieve the Mortal Cup (it’s the cause of the problem; everyone is looking for it!). Family secrets and hidden identities are revealed while helping the main mundane character (they call the humans mundane in the book!), Clary Fray to search for her captured mother. They also faced a love triangle and the dangers of forbidden love. And of course, it is action-packed. The story is fast-paced and dramatic; it’s as though you’re one of them, enjoying the action, feeling the anxiety and seeing blood spew all over. Humor is injected throughout the story. That keeps the story alive and funky. The ending is kind of unexpected but nonetheless, it’s sort of a happy ending, although the badass got away.

And you know what? This book is soon to be a major motion picture in the theatres August 2013! Click here for the trailer! 

On a side note, I’m gonna add the name, Jace into the list of names for my future son. Pretty cool name, isn’t it?  

Price: SGD 16.91 (Kinokuniya)Image

A walk on the track

I had to blog about this! It’s a once in a lifetime experience. I get to walk on the lrt track! I was on my way home after my morning tuition. Thank God that I didn’t have to rush to the next lesson, but I was hungry. The lrt stopped right in between two stations, right in front of Ten Mile Junction due to a power failure. Well, the not-so-good-thing about this whole experience is that, it broke down at noon time. You know how hot the sun is? It’s blazing, scorching, burning hot. But, at least the SMRT staff made it better. They were helpful. 🙂

lrt track IMG_2033