Craving for…YOU.

You know, I have this constant craving for this particular snack ever since I came back from Hong Kong last year. And that’s, hawthorn candy, in chinese 冰糖葫芦. It is a popular snack in China that is made from sugar coated hawthorns skewered on a bamboo stick. I ate the original one before but I love the strawberry one, which I had it in HK! Furthermore, it’s FROZEN strawberries. The combination of sweetness and sourness is so damn nice! It’s perfect for the sizzling hot weather in Singapore, really. I don’t mind eating it everyday. I think frozen hawthorn/strawberry candy can sell better than ice-cream. Why nobody sell them in Singapore?! They should be sold like how ice-cream is sold at the roadside. I’m sure business will be so damn good.  



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