Breakfast with Love

Well, the long awaited holidays are here not for me, but for the boyfriend! To celebrate the end of those torturous exams, I’ve decided to whip up something good for him. Nothing fanciful but it was made with love. Hotcakes, scrambled eggs, tomatoes and sausages are the best/perfect combi for breakfast. In addition, I cooked Campbell’s corn and mushroom soup to go with the hotcakes and all.

Something worth mentioning is that, it is my first time making hotcakes. I bought this pancake mix (the picture of the packaging is below!) and was skeptical with the outcome but the hotcakes turned out to be very nice. Eat them the ‘McDonald’s way’ with butter and honey or spread some Nutella like what my boyfriend did. 

What could be a better way to celebrate the end-of-exams/ the start-of-holidays with some breakfast made by your loved one?  ImageImage


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