Hazy Hazardous Singapore

Okay we are literally choking on the haze from Indonesia’s forest fires. The smell of the air is terrible, really. Masks are swept off the shelves and herbal teas are selling fast. I’m quite sure businesses for air purifier and portable air-con are brisk too. The PSI has hit a new high of 290 at 9pm just now. The fact that the PSI jumped a 100-point within an hour was alarming for me to go “WHATTTTTT?!?!”. Many households had their windows shut and monitoring the PSI level on TV. It’s like monitoring the stock market, people get hyped up when the level goes up. I think a lot of people are secretly wishing that the PSI will go beyond 300 and the govt will announce that there’s no need to go to work. It was quite hilarious to see commuters standing in a line on the MRT platform, taking pictures of the hazy evening. I do not have any photos to post but you can just google ‘haze in singapore‘ and voilà! There will be more than enough pictures out there.   

While I’m typing this post, the PSI shot up to 321. Somehow I’m thinking of those stray animals out there. We have masks and air-con but they have nothing. They must have felt sick too. 


My New Love

I lost my beloved Marc Jacobs watch on my Commencement day in the female restroom. I cried until my eyes were red and swollen. I just couldn’t believe that someone stole my watch! I’ve cursed and swear the whole day. How can someone be so selfish and dishonest? The watch is not even 1 year old when I bought it from Vegas. I love that watch; it’s a classic design. We’ve searched all exclusive shops for that watch and went through all sorts of trouble but to find out that that model is discontinued already. Nonetheless, after looking at all other designs, I’ve finally found ONE design that I like. Proudly present to you, my new DKNY watch.


Fatboy’s The Burger Bar

I got to know this cafe through my younger sister. She said it was worth it, so I googled it. Without much discussion, the boyfriend and I settled on a dinner date. It was no ordinary dinner; it was special because the boyfriend achieved amazingly good results this time round. Yay to celebration!

We had some spicy hot drumlets as appetizers and ordered a burger each. The burger comes with fries and the burger is HUGE to me. Portion size is definitely suitable for guys. Prices are reasonable too, ranging from S$12-$20. We over-ordered, I think. The drumlets were a bit too overwhelming. There are 11 pieces and there are only 2 of us. Luckily I had my ‘garbage truck’ boyfriend to finish them up. 

You can check them out, Fatboy’s The Burger Bar. There are 3 outlets in Singapore. The one at Upper Thomson has a very nice atmosphere for group dinner not more than 6. You can find places to chill, enjoy some dessert or beer along that whole stretch of shophouses after dinner.