Fatboy’s The Burger Bar

I got to know this cafe through my younger sister. She said it was worth it, so I googled it. Without much discussion, the boyfriend and I settled on a dinner date. It was no ordinary dinner; it was special because the boyfriend achieved amazingly good results this time round. Yay to celebration!

We had some spicy hot drumlets as appetizers and ordered a burger each. The burger comes with fries and the burger is HUGE to me. Portion size is definitely suitable for guys. Prices are reasonable too, ranging from S$12-$20. We over-ordered, I think. The drumlets were a bit too overwhelming. There are 11 pieces and there are only 2 of us. Luckily I had my ‘garbage truck’ boyfriend to finish them up. 

You can check them out, Fatboy’s The Burger Bar. There are 3 outlets in Singapore. The one at Upper Thomson has a very nice atmosphere for group dinner not more than 6. You can find places to chill, enjoy some dessert or beer along that whole stretch of shophouses after dinner.  



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