They make me pull my hair

I am a grumpy girl today. I could not fall asleep last night and when I did, I was awaken by the loud thunder. When I managed to fall asleep again, my Mum came in and asked for things. When I was trying to enjoy the last few moments of sleep before waking up for tuition, my Mum called and went screaming in my ear. All I need, is an uninterrupted sleep.

And seriously, I don’t understand my Mum sometimes. Why must she call me at 6.50am and ask me to go wake my sister up when she has already set her alarm at 7am? Why must she call me at 8.45am, screaming in my ear again when my sister has not reached school for her test at 9am? You know what is the problem here? The problem is that my Mum takes care of my sister, TOO MUCH. During her primary and secondary school’s exams, she would take leave and stay at home to accompany my sister. My Mum would be her alarm clock, her chef and her maid. Now that my sister is grown up (she’s going to be 19!), her time management is poor. Yet my Mum complains about it everytime. For goodness sake, she is the one who spoils her! If she’s late for her test, then she jolly well learn her lesson and plan her time better next time. Why must she kick up a big fuss about it?

Talking about independency or welfare of kids, I’ve seen enough from the various parents. Children from other countries are starving and I have kids who are picky on food. I have a kid who has to sleep before a certain time so during our lesson, he needs to finish as much school homework as possible. Oh well, I can only say that the homework load in secondary school is way more than now. I have a kid who does not know what a ‘priority seat’ on the MRT is. I was puzzled and then I realized, he’s being chauffeured everyday. I have another kid whose Mum first called me to be her daughter’s tutor, requested that I’ve to meet her daughter first. She wants to make sure that her daughter is comfortable with me. At first, I thought it was alright, nothing wrong with that. However, on a second thought, what if she’s uncomfortable with me? Is the Mum going to continuously find a tutor whom her daughter is comfortable with? What if her daughter is uncomfortable with the school teacher? Is the Mum going to request a change of teacher or transfer her daughter to another class?

I strongly believe that the foundation of a child is very important for the growing up process. As a private tutor, I not only teach academic stuff but moral values. I try to help all my students to learn independently. Kids nowadays do not read news; they are oblivious to what is happening around them. When given articles to read on seasonal floods in other countries, child trafficking etc, they would go “Why got such things?” and “Are they real?”. They have CME (Civic Moral Education) in school but how much do they understand and how much do they absorb? When I asked about the haze issue, they would say things like “Just kill them lah!” and “Why our government never attack?”. I was dumbfounded. What have they been learning?