Speaking up for myself.

I’ve not posted something in a while and yet my stats for the past few days were surprisingly high! I bet someone is checking me out, trying to know more about me.

For the past few days, I’ve been reflecting. I would like to speak up for myself as some people may have misunderstood me and doubt my professionalism as a private tutor. At the age of 24, I do not think I am too young to teach. This is my 4th year of tutoring and I may not be as experienced as many tutors and school teachers out there. We all started out without any experience. Through years of teaching different students, we build up our portfolio and accumulate experience. I feel that no matter whether you are a tutor or a school teacher, we have a common goal, which is to make sure our students learn well.

I know that school teachers have undergone training and they have a certificate to certify that they are professionals, whereas I do not have one. I may not be a professional, but I definitely put in my utmost effort in teaching. I brainstorm on new questions, I design my worksheets, I print exam papers, I plan extra lessons; I have done tons of things for my students and all the parents know that I am not just a tutor who wants to earn quick bucks. What makes things more satisfying for me is that, they trust me.

As a tutor, I need to check their school homework, mark assessment books, go through corrections, give spelling and revise what the school teacher has taught within 1.5hr. This is no easy feat. Stress level in schools has gone so high that even parents themselves cannot handle it and they need a helper. I am that helper. I hope that school teachers can understand that private tutors are also earning a living and at the same time, helping parents in whatever way we can to lessen their burden. I cannot say that all private tutors are good but as far as I know, I have friends who are full-time tutors and they are putting in as much effort as I am in helping the students. Please do not discredit us for our effort and hard work we put in for our kids. We do our very best to make sure that whatever we teach are correct.

Most students who come to me are with results that are ‘not-so-good’ and I constantly face the challenge of improving their results by the next upcoming exam. I totally understand that school teachers have to be accountable to the school and everyone else. I would also like to seek your understanding that we, the tutors have to be accountable to the parents too. I usually do not interfere with school matters, however, if there is something that I am really concerned about, I have the right to clarify with the school teachers. Of course, this is done upon having the parents’ permission. I hope that school teachers can display their professionalism and please, do not see us as a threat.

As long as there are exams in Singapore, there will be a need for tutors. This is a fact that we cannot deny. And, I really like my job as a private tutor. 🙂


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