Bornga Korean BBQ

I was craving for Korean food, so we went to City Square, JB Malaysia for lunch on Sunday. You might ask, why go Malaysia? This restaurant has two outlets in Singapore – Vivocity and Star Vista. I am someone who can splurge on food BUT only on food that’s worth the money. The prices on the menu in Singapore are slightly too high for me. Due to the fact that I also have a boyfriend who can really eat, the bill will most probably hit 3-digits. I will just give an example, one plate of Samgyupsal cost $24 in Singapore but it only cost RM28 in JB (exchange rate 2.5, it will only be S$11.20). So now you know why I would rather travel to JB for Korean food, right?!

Ok let’s get down to the food part. I am pretty sure the standard in JB does not lose out to the standard in Singapore. When we were there yesterday, the Korean chef was walking around, helping out to make sure everything was in place. I saw a few Korean families in the restaurant too. We ordered 1 plate of Woosamgyup, 1 plate of Samgyupsal, 1 plate of Mansinchang and Chadol Doenjang Jjigae (this is a beef stew with rice). The barbeque comes with free flow of side dishes and rice tea.

Let the barbeque begin! Each grill is equipped with an extendable exhaust that vacuums the smoke produced while barbecuing. You will not have that BBQ smell on you after the meal and the shop will not be full of smoke too. The pork belly is fantastic, really. It is well marinated but taste light on our palate. It does not feel greasy at all. The service staff helped us barbeque and cut the meat; we just have to keep eating. We finished all 3 plates of meat and most of the side dishes. The beef stew was very good too. The bill was very wallet-friendly. I only spent RM129.80 (S$51.90) for all the food that we ate.

Bornga is definitely an above average Korean restaurant. If you are hoping to enjoy some good Korean food and do not want to burn a hole in your wallet, you can visit the restaurant in City Square, Johor, Malaysia. It is on Level 3, at the Inner City. If you do not want to queue, try to reach there before 12 noon on weekends.

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