Hello 2014!

I did not have a last blogpost for 2013 but here I am, with the first blogpost of 2014! 2013 has been a great year for me. I laughed, I cried and I screamed for whatever reasons. I’ve learned to let go some things and came to realize what is good for me. This also marks my first year into my career. It has been a fulfilling journey for me. I watched my kids grow up little by little to become more sensible and hardworking. I’m very grateful to all my kids and their parents, for their faith in me. I will continue to do my very best this year!

To all my friends and loved ones, I wish all of you good health and always remember that, being able to do what you love is the best thing in life. To those whom I have not keep in contact for some time, I have you on my mind, always and forever. A brand new year brings new wishes, new hopes and new dreams. I sincerely hope that everyone will work hard for what you want and be a step nearer to your dream. 🙂

As for myself, I don’t need an exciting life. For this year, I just want to do what I like and be able to continue what I do best in. I just told the boyfriend few days ago that I did not want to grow up (I don’t mean vertically, you know that I can’t anymore!) but I guess I have to – to become a better daughter, a better sister, a better girlfriend, a better teacher and a better friend. And of course, to read, eat and sleep comfortably, and roll around in bed till 12 noon on every Sunday! HAHAHAHA!


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