Hashima dessert

As mentioned in the previous post, I had a secret weapon for healing my pimples on my face after recovering from dengue fever. My pimples were huge and red; I swear, my skin was horrendous and I just want to hide myself at home. At first I thought it was because of my period, but the pimples continued to pop out after my period. It was then my mother exclaimed the dengue virus caused the blood in my body to be dirty. So in other words, my vital organs or blood were not ‘cleansed‘ after I have recovered.

As Chinese, we believe in using Chinese herbal medicine to build up our immune system (清血补气、美容养颜). We bought ready-to-consumed Hashima (Hasma; Snow Jelly; 雪蛤) from a local TCM shop, Hockhua. A little background information on Hasma. It is a Chinese and widely Central Asian dessert ingredient made from the dried fatty tissue found near the fallopian tubes of the Asiatic Grass Frog, also known as Winter Frog. Hasma is taken for medicinal purposes such as strengthening the internal organs especially replenishing vital essence in the lungs and kidneys, improving skin complexion, improving production of red blood cells and stimulate brain growth. They were having their Anniversary sale so we bought 7 boxes of bottled Hashima. Each box contains 6 bottles.

I drank one bottle every morning with an empty stomach. After a week, my skin was OBVIOUSLY getting better. As in, the current ones healed much faster and no more huge and red pimples popping out. What a relief, I tell you! I religiously drank a bottle a day for three weeks. Now, my skin is back to normal! My period came again and usually I will have cramps for the first two days but this time round, no discomfort or cramps at all. Money definitely well spent. If you find buying the bottled ones too expensive, you can buy their dried (raw but cleaned) ones. It comes in a small packet (SGD 42 from Hockhua) and can be cooked for 6 pax. This is how you prepare Hasma and you can cook it into a sweet and delicious dessert easily.

1. Soak the dried Hasma flakes in a bowl of tap water overnight or at least for 4-6 hours.

2. By now, the dried hasma will be expanded up to 10-15 times in size. Individual pieces are off-white in colour. Drain away the water.

3. Wash the dried longans and red dates.

4. Put in the rehydrated Hasma into a pot and fill it with water. Water level should be at least 4 fingers above the Hasma.

5. Bring to boil. Add in the red dates and dried longans.

6. Simmer for another hour.

7. Add rock sugar to taste. Remember not to add in too much as the red dates and dried longans naturally give a sweet taste to the dessert.

8. Serve warm or chilled.

If you want, you can add in more ingredients such as lotus seeds and white fungus. More nutrition in the dessert! This is the traditional dessert recipe for Hasma. You can find many more creative and newer renditions of recipes on Google.

Hashima with red dates and dried longans


In a nutshell

I’m back from a long hiatus! I was too busy with my teaching that I hardly had time to blog. In a blink of eye, it’s November! It’s time for me to recuperate and enjoy wasting my time. Many things happened, so here it is in a nutshell.

I nearly vomited blood after my kids got back their mid-year exams’ results. Some of them scored very badly, literally or not. Of course, they realized they were in the wrong and quickly picked themselves up for the next exam. Sometimes, they just need some punishment and maybe a little, threatening? *a smirk face*

I celebrated my birthday at Mandarin Oriental with the boyfriend. We had a room overlooking the Floating Platform. It was so comfortable watching the National Day Parade from our room. However, a few weeks later, I was down with dengue fever. Call me lucky or unlucky, I would have never expected it to happen on me. I was tested dengue positive just three weeks before PSLE. Imagine how anxious I was. In the end, I had to take ‘no-pay leave’ for two weeks. My condition was not that critical but the platelets count drove me crazy. I had to take blood test every morning and get myself prepared to hear that my platelets count had dropped. I drank weird stuff like blended papaya leaves (yikes!) and 田鸡炖小苦瓜 (stewed frogs and small bitter gourds). From being very afraid of the blood test to being nonchalant about it made the doctor praised me, “You’re such a pro now!” The good thing is, my platelets count did not go below a certain limit that I had to be admitted to hospital. Once my platelets count started to increase, I went back to teaching immediately. I’m such a dedicated tutor, right?

I may have recovered from dengue fever but I believed the side effects of it are still in my body. Ever since I have recovered, my pimples popped out like nobody’s business. I was HORRIFIED. I had never had such red and huge pimples popping out on my face for a long time. When I thought the current few were recovering, a few more popped out. I was DEVASTATED. It lasted for the past two months. It’s getting better now, still struggling to lighten the pimple scars though, with the help of my skincare products and masks, and maybe more sleep? I’m currently paying off my sleep debts diligently. I had a secret weapon too, which I will specially dedicate a post for it.

Oh yes! My lovely boyfriend graduated from NUS and yes, he’s back to studying again, in SMU for his J.D programme. He deserved it! I hope I can write a few more posts before I fly off for my long-awaited holiday trip!

Overlooking the Floating Platform on National Day

Overlooking the Floating Platform on National Day